The charity fashion show will be Sunday, December 13th at 3PM….

The charity fashion show will be Sunday, December 13th at 3PM. The proceeds go to the local women’s abuse center. We will be accepting donations and doing a gift basket raffle/auction. Part of each glass of wine purchased may be donated.

Each attendee (including vendors) will receive a holiday swag bag full of goodies from participating vendors. That might include things like gift certificates, gift cards, etc. the event will be RSVP and is not being publicly promoted yet.

The vendors are donating their time and/or services. Vendors have the option of having their names be added to the outfits the models will wear out the night before and after the event for $10. Looking into shirts or dresses to be screen printed for the models.

The event will be marketed at Della Viti and Salon Utopia. Additional design resources will be available to vendors for free prior to the event including banners/post cards.

Vendors will receive contact information of all guests who register to receive emails etc. from vendors and watermarked photography from the event that can be used for marketing/ social media purposes with credit given to each photographer.

Participating businesses so far:
– Sweet Season Cookie Co. TBD
– Tacopocolypse (food tbd)
– Della Viti (hosting the event)
– 12 Models
– Salon Utopia – hair
– Makeup (TBA)
– MC (TBA)
– 4-6 boutiques or fashion designers (TBA)
– Jewelry (TBA)
– 2-4 Photographers (TBD)
– Agency Couture (Planning, marketing, design)
– Starbucks (coffee and stuff for the auction/raffle)


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