Audible Enhancements Wish List

Every time anything bad happens to my app or it updates I lose my list of listened to books. With over 800 books, this means I also have a hard time telling which books are all of a sudden missing. It means that I’m not sure which books still need read and I must spend a hour or more figuring it out. I also have multiple tablets, ipad/android, with similar issues.

So, I suggest the following enhancements:

1.) marked as finished books be saved in the database per user. – I DO NOT MEAN DOWNLOADED. I know that I can log into a computer to see which books have been downloaded but that is not the same as completed.
2.) Number books by when they where downloaded. Let this be optional to see. Any books no longer available be grayed out and refunded.
3.) Show the star rating given by the user. This will help when I decide which books or series I want to re-listen to. Obviously I’d love to be able to sort them by high to low ratings. MY high to low rating not the averages by other users. This will also make a nice back up to the marked as finished books, since that enhancement seems to not be coming any time soon.
4.) Allow me to renew early via the application.

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