UX in IT

Norene Kelly, Jingyu Liu and Kelly Kalvelage Presentation Notes – UX in IT

They work in the University IT Department as the first UX IT staff. Recently the department has been moving towards an Agile methodology.

Misconception: Design is only visual and something that happens at the end of a project.

What is Good Design?

  • Broad accessibility
  • Simplicity
  • Problem solving
  • Decoration

Cogs of UX

  • Project Management Methodology: Agile + Sprints
  • User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • User Interface
  • Usability
  • Visual Design

Case Study: Survey for IT Website

  • Open Card Sort (for labels)
    • Labels and categories are extensive but some are repeated
    • Evaluating the card sort one by one and comparing could be onerous
    • Some people responded that the site is difficult – they compared other universities but didn’t find a good way to organize it
  • Responses to questions about icons where almost more useful that the straight survey
  • Evaluated difficulty of use on prototype but probably should have also timed how long it took to do actions
  • Pros and Cons reactions
  • Associate one word to an image

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