Defining Success

I recently asked someone close to me what they considered success. I’m not sure what I was expecting the answer to be, in fact I don’t think I set any expectations. The answer could have been money, cars, some feel of happiness, power, a title, or the ability to do whatever they wanted. In short, the answer could have been very materialistic.

The answer was, and I’m not saying this word for word, that having someone else say something nice about them or complimenting them on doing a good job. Each of those atta-boys was a sign he was and is being successful. He is doing a good job, and making the world a slightly better place. He did say, nearly immediately after that, if someone does compliment him he worries about letting them down or not living up to expectations. Either way, I thought this answer was sweet and indicative of my friend’s nature.

We all work in fields where someone, somewhere is likely affected by our work.
We may work from home, on our own, or in remote corners of the earth but my guess is that all work is influential. Kind words and a simple moment of honesty are enough to make someone stand a little taller, feel a little proud of their efforts, and know that their actions have not gone unnoticed. 

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