Process Planning

  • Identify key stages of strategic planning
  • Activities and examples related to strategic planning processes
  • Align strategic plan to HR policies

Relevant certifications:
  • PHR – Professional Human Resource Certification –
  • SPHR – Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification –
  • PMP – Project Management Professional Certification –
  • CUX – Certification of UX –


  • Encourage forward thinking (proactive approach)
  • Decisions that align with organization and team goals to facilitate change management
  • Clarity of purpose for individuals and department leaders
  • Communicate with stakeholders to set criteria and performance indicators that will define success
  • Define team goals, restrictions, hand-off/sign-off
    • to improve team collaboration
    • Moderate design changes to ensure alignment with usability and client expectations

Key Stages of Strategic Planning Activity

  • Information Gathering and Program analysis
    • Review of current trajectory
    • Gain working knowledge of existing goals and processes in functional areas to build partnerships and gain insightful suggestions, feedback, support
    • Document perceived strengths and weaknesses throughout the planning process to evaluate how they change
    • Document influential factors (opportunities/threats to success based on criteria e.g. SLEPT model: social, legal, economic, political, and technical)
  • Use research to benchmark success and cross-reference how other organizations are handling similar goals to be successful or fail (based on failure criteria)
  • Set Success Criteria and Performance Indicators
  • Long term timeline of short term action plans and business requirements
    • Action plan: Resource allocation, employee motivation, short-term goal setting
  • Organizational budgeting
  • Document human capital data
  • Create long term plan broken into shorter plans to focus on how to achieve goals
    • Link goals to connected or cross-functional team goals and activities (e.g. operations, marketing, finance, accounting, HR)
  • Implementation and Ongoing Strategy Evaluation
    • Measure performance and success using qualitative and quantitative methods
    • Document risks
    • Take corrective actions to ensure success
    • Offer insightful suggestions based on facts and objective data

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