What is a Meta Title?

(e.g. listed in browser and on search engines)
A meta title is used to name a page within a website. It is coded as a meta tag in the head of HTML. The title within search results uses the Meta Title Tag, it is also used as the page tab name in browsers, as the title when shared on social media, and the default bookmark name if a user saves it.
  • If keyword research has been done for the page/site integrate at least one relevant keyword
  • Ideally the Title Tag will include ALL keywords the page should rank for
  • Write for humans – the title should NOT just be a list of words
  • 50-60 characters including spaces
  • Most important keywords come first
  • Do not duplicate
  • Accurately describe the page
  • The first headline (<h1>) should NOT be the same as the title tag
  • Separate ideas, categories, keywords, or even the brand name with pipes (keyword | category | brand)
<title>Example Title</title>
Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

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